16 Times The Simpsons Cartoon Predicted The Future

It’s hard to believe The Simpsons cartoon has been around since 1987, first appearing on the Tracy Ullman show as an animated short. The Simpsons became its own series in 1989 and has gone on to become the longest-running American sitcom, the longest-running American animated program, and the longest-running American scripted primetime television series of all time. During that time the show has depicted many events that actually became a reality later on. Take a look:


The Exact Design Of The Ipod

In a 1996 episode, several characters are seen using a state of the art intercom that looks just like the first Apple iPod. It’s such an accurate depiction that one has to at least entertain the idea that Steve Jobs saw this episode and filed it away for future design ideas. The first iPod was released in October of 2001.


Farming Simulator

Back in 1998 there was an episode of The Simpsons that showed the children of Springfield obsessed with a video game which centers around “Virtual Yard Work.” A little over a decade later children and adults around the globe would be enthralled with games like Farmville and Farming Simulator.
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Radiation Creates Mutant Tomatoes

In a 1999 episode, Homer creates a tomato/tobacco hybrid by fertilizing his crop with radioactive waste. After the disaster at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant in 2011, farmers throughout Japan started to report mutant tomatoes as well as other crops.
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Homer Predicts Faulty Voting Machines

In the 2008 episode of The Simpson’s annual Halloween Special, Homer is seen attempting to vote for Barack Obama but the machine keeps changing his vote in favor of Mitt Romney. This amazingly accurate prediction came true during the 2012 presidential elections when electronic voting machines were caught on video doing EXACTLY what was predicted in The Simpsons.
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Horse Meat In Fast Food

A 1997 episode revealed that horse meat was the secret ingredient in Springfield Elementary’s cafeteria food. This became a disturbingly accurate prediction when a scandal broke in 2013 that involved horse meat being used instead of beef in a variety of fast food restaurants.
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Professor Fink Invented Hamburger Earmuffs

A 1998 episode of the Simpsons depicts Springfield’s local inventor “Professor Fink” as having invented hamburger earmuffs. As a testimonial to the truly amazing predictive powers of even the silliest Simpson’s gags (or perhaps a testimonial to human stupidity) someone actually invented this product in 2013.


Autocorrect Fails a Decade Before It Existed

In a 1994 episode, the school bullies are shown trying to type the phrase “Beat Up Martin” into an handheld Apple device which repeatedly replaces it with the phrase “Eat up Martha”. It wasn’t until more than a decade later that people began to entertain themselves with hilarious autocorrect fails.
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Baby Translator

Homer’s older and more successful half brother Herbert Powell made his first appearance on the show in a 1992 episode where he invented the “Baby Translator.” In 2013 an iPhone app was released that supposedly allows parents to translate their babies’ cries.
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The Longevity Of The Rolling Stones

In a 1995 episode the Simpsons flash forward to the future. During one scene you see Lisa in her college dorm room with her boyfriend. Her wall shows a poster for a 2010 Rolling Stones tour jokingly called the “Steel Wheelchair Tour.” Today the band is still doing its rounds and touring around the world.
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Siegfried & Roy Being Attacked By Their Tiger

In 1993 there was an episode of The Simpsons that showed a fictionalized version of Siegfried and Roy named Gunter and Ernst. During the episode the pair are attacked and mauled by one of their tigers during a performance. Ten years later this actually happened to the real performers during a show in Las Vegas.
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3-D Printed Cake

In 2005 there was an episode that shows Marge celebrating the fact that “science has invented magic” by using a 3D printer to turn a photograph into a cake. Today 3-D printers create everything from cake and other foods to functional human organs.
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The Simpsons Predicted a Broncos vs. Seahawks Super Bowl

A 2005 episode shows Homer watching a Super Bowl between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks. This prediction actually came true in 2014, although the final score wasn’t even close.
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Motion Controlled Video Games

This frame was cut from syndicated episodes of The Simpsons, but it shows characters playing virtual reality games in the future using headsets and motion tracking gloves. Thanks to new technology like the Xbox One’s Kinect and the Oculus Rift VR headset, this prediction actually came true.
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Ringo Starr Takes Decades To Respond To Fan Mail

An episode that aired in 1991 showed Ringo Starr replying to fan mail 50 years after he received it. While Ringo never actually did this, in 2013 Sir Paul McCartney himself actually sent a thank you note to a pair of friends who sent the Beatles a recording back in 1963!
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Robot Librarians

In a 1995 episode, Lisa is shown at a college where the librarians are robots. In 2011 the University of Chicago actually began using robotic librarians in its futuristic library.
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Ebola Virus Outbreak

A 1997 episode shows Marge and Bart with a children’s book titled “Curious George and the Ebola Virus.” While it’s true that Ebola has been around since the 1960s, it’s still interesting that it was shown here in The Simpsons back in 1997.
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