About Story Chimp

Thanks for showing some interest in Story Chimp.

This website is designed to showcase the most interesting stories trending around the world, and make it easy to read and share your favorite stories. We post truly amazing stories that are trending online now. Most of our stories are uplifting and inspirational. Some are really funny. We like to show amazing art. You may even see some ridiculously cute animals!

Yes, this site is run by a chimpanzee wearing red 8-bit shades. Just kidding, but we are a small team of writers in a secluded mountain town in North America.

We don’t always have time to provide a timely response to questions that people ask, so here’s a simple F.A.Q.  section:

Q: Who runs the Story Chimp website?
A: I’m a college Journalism major who switched majors and got into the IT field.

Q: What kinds of stories will I see on Story Chimp?
A: This is a family friendly site! We publish stories that are amazing and inspiring, maybe funny or sometimes a little shocking. But we do try to keep the site rated PG and still show really amazing stories. That being said, you won’t find posts about the top ten booty pics, or most shocking crash scene photos. We show stories that are positive and uplifting.

Q: Where do you get stories?
A: All over the world! Our team of full-time researchers finds the best articles trending now to bring you the best amazing stories on the web.

Q: Do you have a team of writers working there?
A: Yes, we have a giant office with 500 writers. That’s an exaggeration.  I do 90% of the work, though I do have an awesome partner who also does a killer job.

Q: Do you let people submit stories?
A: We encourage our users to submit high quality stories. If we feel that it will be a popular story on this site, then we’ll publish it. Submit stories here.

Q: Can I advertise on Story Chimp?
A: Our ad calendar is already pretty full so we are not accepting new advertisers right now, but that could change in the near future. Please check back. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

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