Pic Of The Day: Pick Yourself Up, Pull Yourself Together

Artwork by Alex Chinneck


British artist Alex Chinneck has revealed his latest piece of  illusory artwork, called ‘Pick yourself up and pull yourself together’. It Features an upside down Vauxhall Corsa still attached to the road. The installation at London’s Southbank Centre is a collaboration with Vauxhall Motors and is a pretty sweet illusion.

The art piece turns a parking space on its head, giving the appearance that the pavement has been peeled back and the one ton car is hanging upside down 15 ft in the air with no visible supports. Vauxhall Motors commissioned Chinneck to create a piece inspired by the new Corsa, which was launched earlier this year with a campaign based on an A-Z of British motoring. The gravity defying piece of parking will be displayed at Hungerford Car Park, beside The London Eye, until Wednesday 25th February 2015.

For more information on the installation visit vauxhall.co.uk

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