This Man’s Rocket Bicycle Outruns A Ferrari And Sets World Record Of 207 mph!

Most people don’t think of bicycles when they think of really fast rides. Then again, most people haven’t seen Francois Gissy outrun a Ferrari at over 207 miles per hour on a bicycle with a rocket strapped to it.

Gissy rode the bike at the Circuit Paul Ricard in the south of France last Friday. He’s been riding these rocket powered bikes for years, and this time he’s broken his own record of 163 mph. The rockets used to propel the bike are made by Swiss company Exotic Thermal Engineering. Just watch:

It took Gissy less than 5 seconds to go from 0 to 207 miles per hour. The G forces with that kind of acceleration is about 1.9 Gs. Gissy set a new world record for fastest biking with this run. Sure, anyone with a rocket bike could do this, but it’s still pretty awesome!

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