Welcome To The Craziest House Ever. You’d Have To Be Crazy To Live Here


The University of California San Diego recently finished building an interesting new addition. It’s a small cottage perched precariously on the edge of Jacobs Hall, 100 feet in the air, looking like it could tip over at any second. When you first see the small house, you might be worried about the strange angles, built into the top corner of a building.  However, it’s actually supposed to be there- the host building is one of the engineering buildings at the school.

The house is actually a concept that was designed by artist Do Ho Suh, who said after conceptualizing the highly complex project that he “never thought it would be realized.” Luckily he was wrong and the school went forward on the project.

This house is called “Fallen Star”.

The house sits on the top of a 100 foot tall building.

The cottage is furnished like a normal house on the inside.

It doesn’t exactly blend in well with the surrounding architecture.

The question is, would you live in a house that was built like this?

Source: VisualNews.com

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