Will This High-Tech Armor Reinvent The Sport Of Mixed Martial Arts?

The sport of Mixed Martial Arts has long been one of the most controversial. MMA could get an entirely new category that allows the use of weapons, thanks to this high-tech body armor devloped by an Australian company. Unified Weapons Master, or UWM, plans to run competitions later this year between world-class MMA athletes wearing their high-tech armour that not only protects, but also registers the force of each strike, recording the data for later analysis. The armor uses built-in sensors to calculate and display the damage a weapon or limb strike would have done. The data is displayed in real-time, and can be supplemented with 3D visuals so an audience can see the expected damage on a human body from each blow.

Researchers who developed this technology include a former armor developer for the Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit films. They’ve spent the last four years developing the armor system, which must be flexible enough to fight but also retain both protective and real-time reporting functions.


“UWM’s vision is to create a large-scale sport and entertainment experience where martial artists can compete against each other with real weapons, with an objective measure of who would have won in a real combat situation” UWM CEO David Pysden said.

This high-tech armor is due to be released in early March.

Source: news.com.au

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