This Woman Makes A New Dress Every Day For Girls In Need, Even Though She’s 99 Years Old!

If you thought sewing clothes by hand was a dying art, you would be wrong. Meet Lillian- She’s 99 years old and devotes her time to sewing handmade dresses for little girls in need, sending them overseas through a charity called Little Dresses for Africa.

According to the non-profit, Lillian is their “sewing celebrity” and she has a goal to sew her 1000th dress by her 100th birthday in May, 2015. Wow!

Over the past two years, Weber has crafted more than 800 child-sized dresses in her farm house. She normally makes one per day, stitching the patterned fabric with an original design to give it a personalized touch

“She personalizes them all,” said Linda Purcell, Weber’s daughter. “It’s not like good enough that she makes the dresses, she has to put something on the front to make it look special, to give it her touch.”

Lillian makes one dress every day, and after having already made more than 850 dresses, it seems like she’s on track to reach her goal.

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